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Welcome to Bartolex Guitars.
We specialize in especial models and multi-string classical guitars.

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The SRS7Cel and SRC7Cel are being finished,
some of them already reserved. This is our most popular 7 String, with cutaway and electronics. Don't hesitate to reserve one if you are looking for a versatile 7 string.

SPS8fael and SPS8fel will be available very soon.

SPS8fael: 8 string alto guitar, fan fretted. With cutaway and electronics. Can be tuned on "a".

: 8 string guitar, fan fretted. With cutaway and electronics. Adds two basses to the standard tuning.

The Bartolex Alto 11c and Alto 11s are available for sale at this moment. This is a high level multi-string guitar, meant to be tuned in "g".

Ready to be shipped the new 10 string guitars from Bartolex and Milagro by Neris Gonzalez.
Different models with options such as cutaway, electronics, cedar or German spruce tops, All Solid or Solid top with laminated back and sides.

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